Are you a Solopreneur Ready to Take Your Life & Business to the Next Level?

ACCELERATE YOUR SUCCESS when you are coached by 38 year -million dollar business owner, Tamera Aragon AND supported by like minded business owners through regular mastermind meetings.  

You will receive needed systems, support and expert coaching to start and grow your business.  You will be on track to create a business that supports your lifestyle while offering UNLIMITED income potential. 

Receive ideas, encouragement & support from expert leaders & entrepreneurs in your mastermind, along with Tamera Aragon's personalized coaching, training and resources. 

SIGN UP TODAY and be on your way to creating massive impact while enjoying maximum income. And the best part?  Find joy, fulfillment and balanced success in all areas of your life. 

Whether you're a solopreneur THINKING ABOUT starting a business or
How Does a Mastermind Work?
Napoleon Hill wrote about the mastermind group principle as: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”  We follow this principal when Tamera hand picks leaders of like-minded goals and hosts face-to-face online meetings using an easy to use service called 'Zoom'. During these meeting, attendees receive expert guidance from Tamera while members share  resources, struggles & challenges, successes and future goals.  Positive Feedback and support are required while accountability is created to assure action steps are followed.

“…You helped me complete my business.”

I really was very happy & honored to be coached by you as you have made & has made such an effective & very influential example for me personally to have even more determination & drive to achieve my goal at & in my REI career. I trust & respect all that you shared with me as well as your information you have been emailing to me. I feel now that I am truly a part of a much bigger thing besides just me in moving forward with business. I truly appreciate your straight forward teachings & your honesty. This for me is invaluable not anything like the ongoing Gurus who certainly paint a whole other picture that is just too unreal for me & the rest of everyone who is seeking a path in my field. I could go on, but I think the best thing for me to say is Thank you Tamera for being a stand up & honest business owner I I can learn from.  One of the very best in your field. Many Thanks 

Diane Preito

What Exactly Do I Get with Coaching You To Profits?

Private One-on-One Coaching with Tamera

The number of times we meet depends on the plan you choose. 

Before the Mastermind starts: A full 60 minute one-on-one coaching call to get clear on your goals for the coming months of the Mastermind. We’ll examine exactly which part of your life and business you’re going to be focusing on and where your energy is best placed.

All Coaching Sessions;   A full 60 minute one-on-one coaching call to make sure you’re all set with your next steps. During this session we refocus on what you need to do in the coming months to surge ahead. We’ll go through your plan in detail, tweak where it’s needed and refine if there’s fuzziness so that you’re all set to build on your growth and successes as you go forward.

One-on-one coaching with Tamera is exclusive to Masterminders: I'm moving towards rarely offering one-on-one coaching to anyone but existing Mastermind clients.

Mastermind with Like-Minded Business Leaders

You will connect via face to face online conference service 2 times a month.   Mastermind meetings are spaced out enough to give breathing room, while not losing traction on our goals. 

Each group consists of less than 8 specifically selected members facilitated by Tamera Aragon, your coach.

You also will join our exclusive Mastermind Member Group online – a place to meet my other Masterminders where we share and continue to support each other outside of our regular meetings. I’m in there all the time – it’s a great place to share our collective plans, thoughts and information.

Super Small Groups

Unlike many other Mastermind programs, I specialize in super small group work. Each group has no more than 8 people so we all get to speak and everyone has a spotlight session at least every other session. This not only means more attention on your questions and concerns, but we’ll have time to drill deeper and create more compelling results.

I also firmly believe in capping out a group when it’s woven together perfectly. I never fill a group to capacity just because I can. Masterminds that are filled with people who aren’t matched for goals, achievements and speed to action will never be as satisfying as small, beautifully curated groups. This is why many clients stay with me for years (or return years later missing this special group dynamic).

The brilliance of a group is determined entirely by the mix. This is why together we’ll make sure you’re a perfect fit, if not, I’ll recommend one-to-one coaching, other programs or add you to the waitlist as your perfect group forms.

Members Only Chat 
Real time Access to your group.  Private online space where members only are able to ask questions, share successes and ask for help.  A safe place to receive feedback, encouragement and support when you need it. 
BONUS Online CourseWork Smarter-Not Harder. 
This self guided course is Your 12 Month Plan to Profits

Unfortunately, most people spend their lives practicing the 80% hard work and never attain the knowledge and strategies for the 20% needed to generate the 80% positive result.  The first step in creating a life and business you love is gaining clarity for what is right for you and your business.  This course is your new 12-month map: Setting that destination and a specific plan followed by action steps to get there. 

In Summary:

Tamera Aragon's Coaching You to Profits is an entire system and a community to stretch your limits and keep you on track.

“… You deliver infinitely more than expected”

Before I enrolled in the CoachingU2Profits real estate investing course, I thought I knew a lot about real estate investing; however, lingering fears about making a mistake when investing kept me from pulling the trigger and going into massive action to make my dream of becoming a successful real estate investor a reality. You deliver definitely more than I expected in your course and what’s more important,  you answer your questions quickly and has kept me on track until I had successfully bought properties with your knowledge and assistance backing you up.

I thought I’d take a quick moment to let you know how much I appreciate you! You are awesome and have been such a blessing! I want to thank you for all you do, --you are making a difference!

…. I know God put you in my life!

….  The TIME IS NOW!

Ellen Sanford

Still Got Questions? No Problem
I LOVE Questions, and I've Got Answers!

You're about to make a big decision. Joining Coaching You to Profits is a significant investment... not just in terms of the money, but also of your time, energy, and attention.

I want you to make the decision that's best for YOU.

If you’d like to talk before you enroll, feel free to call my office at 877-496-1201. My office is usually open 9am – 5pm Monday- Friday.  Feel free to leave a message if for some reason we don’t answer OR contact me via my help desk here.  We will get back to you right away.

“… You gave me inspiration to go out and achieve my dreams.”

Hi Tamera.  I You gave me inspiration to go out and achieve my dreams and that they are doable.  I am so grateful for you and the what you shared with us on your background. I have been In Real estate for only short while -  2 months - and with your techniques I have made 3 sales already.  You are the greatest and proud to be a member and look forward to learning so much more.   You are great mentor. You have increased my sales volume. Thank you Tamera .

Ron Demello

Here's the Real Question: Where do you want to be 90 days from now?  How about 1 Year... or 2 Years?

...You  have seen my offer and the value it brings.

I hope you feel you can trust me to partner with you in sharing the responsibility to help you succeed.

You can have confidence that when you join, you won't be getting just another information product that will sit on your shelf, but a guidance, accountability and support to design your life and a profitable business you love.

I've spent a huge amount of my own time and money developing the strategies and processes you'll learn from.  

If you're still wondering about this decision, I want you to picture yourself at a crossroads right now.

One of those roads will take you down the path I've just laid out for you — a life of freedom, flexibility and stability, as you positively impact hundreds and thousands of people around the world with your skills, passion and expertise.

Or you can stay on the road that you're on now and continue to search for the elusive answer to achieving success in your business.

You can continue to struggle with the constant barrage of everyday frustrations that endlessly pull you back from achieving your dreams.

You and I both know, that empty promises and the deluge of information alone won't get you where you want to go. What you need to reach that point is a proven partner who will share in the responsibility for your success, and ensure you have what you need to reach your destination.

What kind of impact will this decision mean to you 12 months from now?

How many lives will you have touched?

What possibilities will await you?

If a highly profitable, successful lifestyle freedom business is what you desire, you don't have to do this alone.  Sign up to get started today!

To your Success,

Tamera Aragon
Tamera Aragon
Lifestyle Freedom Trail Blazer. Real Estate Investor,
Solopreneur Success Coach
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